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3D Oven for Sublimation

With the 3D sublimation oven, you can sublimate products with curves easily. Some of the products are phone cases and tablet covers as well as plates.

You can work very fast and efficiently with this 3D sublimation oven. And thanks to the accessories – jigs – , you can be certain that the print on the foil will stay in place on the product throughout the sublimation process. Once the sublimation process has completed, the product is ready. The 3D oven drawer opens automatically.

Additionally, the 3D sublimation oven is a sustainable choice. Because of the click-a-jig system, you will have more flexibility when making 3D phone cases. This system allows you to produce different products in this 3D oven. In addition to that, the oven has low power usage and is silent thanks to the built-in vacuum pump.


  • 3D sublimation oven
  • 1-year factory warranty
  • base plate
  • 8 jig-pins

Product details

Product number: 3DT.SUB.OVN.001
Manufacturer: Technotape
Base material: Metal
Color: Silver

Product quantities

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Box quantity: 1

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