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3D sublimation spoon

This 3D sublimation spoon is made of stainless steel with a polymer white handle. You can personalize this handle through sublimation. Combine this spoon with the 3D sublimation knife and fork to create a matching sublimation cutlery set.

The edges of the spoon are smooth, so it is safe for young children to use. The smaller handle makes it easier for children to hold the spoon properly. By adding some fun images, kids will have fun while eating. It is the perfect way to let children practice their motor skills with fun cutlery!

You can sublimate 3D cutlery fast and easy with the 3D sublimation oven. The 3D oven allows you to be flexible because you can use it for all of our 3D products. From 3D plates to lunch boxes and phone covers.


  • 3D sublimation spoon
  • white polymer
  • stainless steel

Product details

Product number: 3DT.KID.SPO.001
Manufacturer: Technotape
Base material: Polymer
Color: White
Finish: Gloss

Product quantities

Order per:


Package quantity:


Box quantity: 300


302 (F) / 150 (C)


420 seconds


3D Oven

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