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11oz sublimation mug without handle

This 11oz white ceramic mug with no handle is sublimation ready! Thanks to the clear polymer coating you can personalize this mug for your customer! Use sharp photos, images or texts! Get creative and sell this mug as a pencil/pen holder!

To sublimate the mug, you will need a sublimation printer, sublimation transfer paper and inks. Then, use a mug press to apply the right temperature setting and pressure needed to transfer the image onto the polymer coating on the mug.

Looking to make the production process easier and faster? Then use our TURBO wrapper 11oz. This allows you to prepare this mug for sublimation in no time.


  • sublimation mug
  • 11oz
  • white ceramics
  • without handle
  • both dishwasher & microwave proof

Product details

Product number: SPM.082.096.080
Manufacturer: Technotape
Base material: Ceramic
Color: White
Finish: Gloss
Category: Sublimation Blanks, Coffee Mugs & Glassware

Product quantities

Order per:


Package quantity:


Box quantity: 36


329 (F) / 165 (C)


60 seconds


Low / Medium

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