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Sublimation apron premium

This premium sublimation apron is made of white, finely woven polyester threads and has a soft feel. Because it is a long apron, it protects both your shirt and pants. Do not worry about accidents while cooking! This apron can be put in the washing machine.

Because this apron is suitable for sublimation, you can personalize it for the cook in your life. It is therefore a neat gift and fun product! You can let your creativity run free because the entire apron is suitable for sublimation. You can put a full print on it with the name of the chef or his/her specialty. Ideal for a BBQ gathering or in the kitchen!


  • sublimation apron
  • premium
  • white polyester
  • flexible fabric

Product details

Product number: SCA.061.096.001
Manufacturer: Technotape
Base material: Polyester
Color: White
Category: Sublimation Blanks, Home Decor, Kitchen

Product quantities

Order per:


Package quantity:


Box quantity: 50


374 (F) / 190 (C)


70 seconds


Low / Medium

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